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Contending for your piece of the market share has never been more challenging. Let the professional advisors at Performance Driven Business Solutions help you develop a winning strategy. From feasibility studies and business plans for start-ups, to benchmarking and business consulting services for businesses looking to pursue a strategic growth plan.

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cash flows

Cash flow management is the lifeline of your business. Failure to manage inventory turnover rates,  delays in collecting receivables or issuing payment to creditors can have a negative impact on your company. At Performance Driven Business Solutions we can help you be more efficient in managing the cash flows of your business.

tax season?


Stressed about the tax season? Let our professional tax advisors assist you and keep more of your hard-earned money. Our tax advisors know the ins and outs of the Canadian income tax act and can assist with everything from

  • Tax planning
  • Corporate tax preparation
  • Small Business tax perparation
  • Personal tax preparation

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Leading edge technology

At Performance Driven Business Solutions Ltd. we've integrated our systems with cloud-based technology in order to provide timely responses in a competitive market and increase efficiency.

Not sure of what cloud-based technology is all about?

The cloud-based technology we use provides us with the ability to communicate securely with our clients through a portal. We can transfer files, communicate updates, send out billing requests and process transactions on your behalf in real-time. We also integrate our systems with technology you may already be using to track your daily transactions, reducing time spent on data entry, passing on greater value to you, our client.

Performance Driven Business Solutions Ltd. bridges the gap between important questions in your business. From what's happened, to answers about why it's happened and what the strategic objectives are moving forward?

Our Consultants are trained in Business Development functions for new startups looking for business plans and feasibility studies, as well as, business development functions involving the alignment of strategic partnerships with suppliers, and staff.

We also deliver in key administrative functions like Financial and Cost Accounting. These functions lay the foundation for many of the discoveries we use to create our initial assessment of your company, including cash flow management, budget adherence, and inventory turnover rates and controls. These are early indicators we look for before providing onsite visits. From there, we'll perform a more thorough analysis of your internal operations and a competitive analysis, before delivering an action plan that leads to sustainable success for your company.

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting is one of the more important administrative tasks you can perform as a business. It's your responsibility to perform checks and balances on the financial health of your company. Remaining compliant for accounting purposes and easing the strain on your bank account come tax season all start here. With proper financial accounting performed you'll not only know how your company is performing at managing your assets and liabilities now, but this very important task will allow you to compare your current standings with how you've performed in prior reporting periods.

Managerial Accounting

This is one of the more critical functions of accounting for organizations looking to prepare for strategic growth. Managerial accounting prepares you to better control costs, and prepare proper forecasts for future sales, which in turn allows for more accurate budgets and the ability to prepare for and manage future cash flows. This accounting function is performed by the most successful organizations out there. If you want to be a competitor in your industry, this function is a necessity. Remember growth strategies are birthed out of the ability to understand the behaviors of your organization and that starts with the managerial accounting function.

Bookkeeping remains an effective administrative function for performing the day to day operations of your company, and hiring a seasoned professional Bookkeeper will provide peace of mind allowing you to focus on running your business.

Our Bookkeepers can help with the following

  • Payroll and sub-contractor payments
  • Job profitability reports
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Government remittances
  • Cash flow reporting

Our senior tax advisor has over 15 years experience in preparing and consulting clients on the regulations involved in the Canadian Income Tax Act.

We provide tax services for

  1. Corporate tax returns.
  2. Tax planning for individuals and businesses
  3. Small Business and Rental properties
  4. Personal filings

Tax Planning for Business and Personal

Tax planning strategies are key to saving more of your hard-earned money. You invest your time and energy into building a comfortable life for you and your loved ones. You should be entitled to maximize your earnings without unnecessarily burdening yourself with high tax liabilities. Waiting until the final hour to ask your Accountant how to maximize your tax savings could cost you thousands.
Let's sit down and create a plan for you today.

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